Spring clean!

IMAG4322A big tidy-up outdoors! Gotta do it now before everything starts growing and the war with weeds and slugs start off. I picked a whole bag full of rubbish that has been blown and thrown into the garden. Started clearing away grass from in-between the flowerbeds and paths and adding new grit. The first year on the island I left everything that grew over the edges for a “rustic” feel. I like when things aren’t perfect, when something sticks out. Of course by the end of the summer it just looked completely overgrown, so this year I’m going for a more controlled chaos.
The hens have now taken over half the garden. I’ve put up a short fence to stop them going into the road. In the beginning it wasn’t a problem, every time a car went past they would get scared and run away but now they are too cocky. So now they have the whole backyard to run around in but of course they take every opportunity to find a way out. The grass is always greener on the other side right?IMAG4319

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