Spring inside

IMAG4298My chillies are coming along nicely! I traded three more varieties from a forum, on of them is Czechoslovakian black. It gives black chillies and purple flowers, looking forward to that one. Today I planted Tigernuts. Apparently it’s a veeery old plant that grow roots that you can roast and eat. Did some googling and sadly found out that it’s apparently one of the most invasive weeds of the world! It doesn’t mention this when you buy the seeds, maybe they don’t survive the Swedish climate? I’m not sure weather to take the risk though, if I keep them, they will have to go in pots and not the flower beds. I’ve also planted peanuts and so far one has come up.
All my Geraniums that I’ve kept in the basement over winter have got lice and look terrible so now I’ve sprayed them with soapy water for a week, given them new soil and brought upstairs to wake up. It’s amazing what they survive. When we bought the house my grandmothers geraniums had been left in the basement without water for 6 months and most of them made it. There are still a couple of plants that have been kept alive since my great-grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Spring inside

    • Yeah, even when it’s wet outside you get a spring feeling looking at the new plants. Not as wet here as where you are though!

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