Hönö bread

5baking 4baking 2baking 3baking 6bakingCome Christmas a lot of families out on the island meet up and do a big bake together. It’s tradition to start early about five in the morning and bake all day. Me and my mums cousin wasn’t that hardcore, we went for a walk in the mountains and started around noon. We only set a dough with 7.5 kilos of flour plus a small one with rye flour that we made crisp bread of, still good exercise working and kneading the dough. No wonder the old grannies had such great biceps! It is not an easy thing to keep feeding the oven wood for an even heat. Not too hot and not too cool. I must say I’m progressing for every time though, by the time I retire I hope to be an expert. There are lots of recipes for Real Hönö bread, everyone claiming to use the original but we definitely have the original.

5 thoughts on “Hönö bread

    • There used to be a brick oven in every house on the Island but there came a time when most house owners opted to cover them with cement to make their houses safe for draft. Which led to mould etc. We have one covered with bricks and cement in our basement, now my darkroom. It is an oven made of bricks and a thick stone slab. You make a fire on one side of it and it’s built in an arch so the flames should lick from one side to the other. You heat it to above 300°C and if it gets too hot you chuck salt on it to cool down. The half burned salty breads are the best!

  1. it’s typical for the island I think. It needs to be built with a particular angle of the pipe for the heat to be even. Most of the houses had one in the old days but then it became trendy to cover them up, I think because people used them less and wanted to use the room for something else? Our house have one in the basement, one day, when I win the lottery, I will uncover it and restore the pipe!
    You start the fire in the middle to heat the plate and then move it to the side when it’s hot enough(160degrees celsius) and then feed it wood to keep the heat even.

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