Arts and crafts galore!

IMAG3921 IMAG3924 IMAG3925 IMAG3926 IMAG3930First weekend of December they have a great Christmas market in the harbour. There are some fantastic crafts and I ended up spending every penny I had brought, have to go back tomorrow to pick up a couple more things. The rescue boat, ambulans and police showed kids around their vehicles. Fishing-museum offered traditional Hönö-bread and fried herring on dark bread with mustard and red onions.
On every corner there is a bake sale or lottery tickets, all proceedings going to charity. The fishing boats where all lined up along the harbour, including Västerland, the boat my granddad worked at(well it’s not the same boat a newer version but same name).

IMAG3932 IMAG3934I finished of the bike ride with a huge amount of Christmas spirit and a visit to the Hönö art gallery. Some nice warm Glögg and I got to say hello to their lovely new Brahma hens. They looked hilarious running(or wobbling rather) over the lawn with their feathered legs!

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