IMAG2624 Scan 3One week every year in July the islands population doubles, from 5000 to 10000 people, yep it feels a bit crowded. They all come out for Hönökonferensen which is a christian festival with bible studies and meetings.
Most islanders rent out rooms or space for caravans and tents in their gardens and some people even rent out the whole house and go abroad. It’s big business for the island where the summer season is very short. On every corner there is a child selling sweets or drinks and I confess I’ve been making lemonade and baking cookies that my daughter will sell tomorrow…
The conference has been going since 1945 and I found this picture in my family album from the -70 s (judging by the clothing). People getting baptised in the sea with hundreds of spectators.
It can be annoying with the huge crowds but they are very well behaved, it’s not like a music festival with beer cans and puke left behind, all you find is small stickers saying “Jesus loves you”. Also nice with a change, with all the tourists around it almost makes you feel like a tourist yourself and you see things in a different light.

And when they are all gone you thank your lucky star you live in such a fantastic nice quiet place.

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